Chong PK. How Reviewing Works: Book Reviewers in an Age when Everyone’s a Critic. (under advanced contract with Princeton University Press)


Chapters and Articles

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Richard A. Peterson Award for Best Student Paper in the Sociology of Culture, American Sociological Association (2013)
Hacker Mullins Best Student Paper Award in the Section on Science, Knowledge and Technology, American Sociological Association (2013)
Honorable mention for Daniel G. Hill Prize for Best Graduate Paper in Sociology, University of Toronto (2014)


Chong, PK. (2011)Reading Difference: How Race and Ethnicity Function as Tools for Critical Appraisal.Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media and the Arts. 39 (1): 68-84.

Best Student Paper Award (Overall Prize), Canadian Sociological Association (2009)

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